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  • Special Estate Planning Considerations for Art and Other Collections | Crandall Law

    Many people have collections about which they are quite passionate: The collections may be very valuable, for example, art collections, coins, stamps, or designer handbags, or they may have more sentimental than monetary value, such as political bumper stickers, postcards, or rocks. Regardless of its dollar value, if you have a collection, it should be […]

  • How to Protect Your Great Ideas or Works for Your Family | Crandall Law

    Your money, home, and vehicles are not the only things you should include in your estate plan. Your intellectual property and any income it generates should also be addressed. You do not have to be a famous author, painter, or inventor to have valuable intellectual property that could provide a stream of income for your […]

  • As the coronavirus fills our news channels and social media feeds, and as governments, hospitals, and municipalities grapple with how to address the growing crisis, it has become increasingly clear that, for the immediate future, our customary ways of life have been dramatically altered. One significant change is that we are experiencing less social interaction […]

  • Important Steps to Protect Your Special Beneficiaries | Crandall Law

    All children are a blessing. From the day they are born, you begin making plans to ensure that your child or grandchild has a bright future. What will their interests be? What job will they have? Who will they marry? While these are common concerns for most families, for those with a special needs child […]

  • Estate Planning Strategies to Protect Your Spouse | Crandall Law

    Estate Planning Strategies to Protect Your Spouse ¬†You have searched for and found the love of your life, maybe your first love, or maybe after a previous marriage. As you have built your life together, you have probably weathered your fair share of storms and grown stronger because of them. To prepare for the future […]